Corporate Banking

Consulting Service

1. Product Definition

It means the intelligent service in which the Bank, according to the requirement of a client, mobilizes various talents, equipment and information available, or organizes scholars and experts to employ scientific methods such as investigation and analytic prediction based on their knowledge, experience and skills in the principle of fairness and independency, and offers to solve various problems of the client by providing the best or some alternative methods and suggestions in an objective manner. 

The Bank mainly provides customers with three types of consulting services:

Appraisal & Review, including assessment of technical transformation project, assessment of corporate credit rating, verification of registered capital, and review of project budget and financial accounting, etc. 

Agency & Intermediary, including technical trade intermediary, capital credit consulting, and special investigation information. 

Comprehensive Consulting, including consulting services regarding regional development strategy, management, and perennial economic information, etc. 

2. Product Features

With the dual properties of service for the banking operation and management and social service, the consulting services mainly focus on credit and funds as well as associated projects, with a view to offering better services to the society and banks via consulting. 

3. Application Procedures

Please refer to local branches of the Bank for specific practices regarding such services.