Corporate Banking

RMB Call Deposit

1. Product Definition

The corporate call deposit is a RMB deposit for which no deposit term is prescribed with the depositor, and of which the withdrawal is made upon a prior notification to the Bank. Adopting the form of registered deposit voucher, corporate call deposit can be divided into two types, 1-day and 7-day, in terms of the time limit for prior notification given by the depositor. 

2. Product Features

With a better liquidity compared with time deposit and a higher yield compared with current deposit, the call deposit is suitable for customers who has a large amount of funds and may have temporary financial needs. 

Interest of the corporate call deposit is calculated at the rate listed on the withdrawal date according to the actual deposit period.

The corporate call deposit may be withdrawn on a one-off basis or in several times. The minimum withdrawal amount is RMB 100,000, and the retained amount must be RMB 500,000 more than the deposit threshold. 

3. Target Customers

All eligible enterprises, public institutions, administrative organs, military forces, social organizations, and self-employed entities that have opened basic or general RMB deposit account with the Bank or meet the account-opening requirements can apply to local branch offices of the Bank for the business of call deposit. 

4. Application Procedures

As a type of registered deposit, the call deposit requires the threshold amount of RMB 500,000, which must be deposited in a lump sum. The depositor must fill in the “Account Opening Application” carefully and truthfully, specify the type of call deposit (1-day or 7-day) and source of funds, present the original (duplicate) business license issued by the local administrative department for industry and commerce, and have the seals reserved. Seals required include the special seal for finance, the seal of legal representative or the agent of authorized by the legal representative, and the seal of financial officer of the entity concerned. The customer must also agree on the withdrawal method with the Bank, and fill in the “Agreement on the Withdrawal Method of Call Deposit”. The Bank will issue the “Call Deposit Certification” to the depositor, on which the time limit for prior notification will be indicated.