Corporate Banking

Auto Distributors Two Parties Advance Payment Financing

(I) Product Definition

Based on actual trade between distributor and car manufacturer, the Bank grants financing for purchasing cars according to purchase contract or orders between the two parties, with guarantee, mortgage or pledge provided by distributors or its parent group. Based on actual situations of distributors or its parent group, the Bank adopts car/certification supervision or non-supervision, while the distributor uses sales revenue to repay financing to the Bank and picks car/certification according to its sales schedule or the group’s overall capital arrangement.

(II) Product Features:

◆Differentiated supervision models

◆Diversified payment collection models

◆Flexible and combined guarantee measures

(III) Target Customers

Auto distributor group or its subsidiaries or independent first-level distributors that meet admittance criteria set forth in the Bank’s relevant regulations.

(IV) Application Procedures

The borrower submits application for credit extension to the Bank, and our product manager analyzes its financing intention and proposes financial service plan for approval. Upon review and approval by the Bank, the borrower receives fund under financing and purchases cars from auto manufacturing and sales enterprises.