Corporate Banking

Agency Institutional Products

*Product Definition

It includes financial products launched by trust company, securities company, fund company and insurance assets management company, and authorizes the Bank to conduct a series of agency services, such as promotion, subscription, payment, distribution of earnings, redemption and capital settlement upon expiration.

*Product Types

The product types include but are not limited to trust plan established by trust company, open and non-open placement fund established by funds manager, capital management plan of special customer established by fund company and various assets management plan established by securities company.

*Product Features

(1) Abundant types. The Bank has diversified agency institutional products, and can tailor product programme according to customer’s conditions.

(2) Extensive range of investment. The customers can choose from extensive range of investment based on its risk tolerance and RoA requirements.

(3) Considerable proceeds. The agency institutional products usually have a higher earnings which can meet the needs of customers who have specific requirement on returns.

*Target Customers

It is suitable for investors who have investment experience and risk identification ability, and fully acknowledge and are willing to assume investment risk.