Corporate Banking

Import L/C

1. Product Definition

The import L/C is a kind of payment commitment that the Bank makes to a foreign exporter upon the application of an importer and with which the Bank promises to perform the payment obligation to the exporter if all terms and conditions specified in the L/C are met.

2. Service Advantages

(1) Improving your negotiation position. To open a L/C, it is equivalent to provide a conditional payment commitment to the exporter in addition to commercial credit. With your credit enhanced, you can bargain a more reasonable price for the goods concerned based on the L/C;

(2) Reducing your trade risks. Changing commercial credit into bank credit gives more guarantee to the trading activities.

3. Applicable Scope

(1) The exporter requires settlement by way of L/C;

(2) Both the importer and exporter hope to take the bank credit as the credit intermediary for commercial transactions;

(3) Both the importer and exporter hope to solve the problem of capital tie-up with the trade financing offered by a bank by way of L/C settlement.

4. Business Procedures

(1) The importer and the exporter enter into a sales contract and specify L/C as the settlement method;

(2) The importer submits the “Application for L/C”, “Letter of Commitment”, duplicate of import/export contract and other relevant documents to the Bank to apply for issuing a L/C (including various L/Cs such as sight and forward);

(3) The Bank issues the L/C to the exporter’s bank;

(4) After receiving the L/C, the exporter’s bank advises the exporter;

(5) The exporter’s bank delivers relevant documents to the Bank;

(6) After confirming that the documents conform to the terms and conditions of the L/C, the Bank pays exchange and makes payment to the exporter’s bank;

(7) The Bank advises the customer to go through the formalities for releasing documents so that the customer can take delivery.

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