Corporate Banking

NRA Account

1. Product Profile

Known as NRA (NON-RESIDENT ACCOUNT), an account opened by an institution which was legally incorporated and registered overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and which has good existing records and is in normal operation.

2. Product Features

(1) An enterprise can provide account services for overseas customers at domestic branches, which is easy for management of corporate capital;

(2) Simple procedure of settlement and increased efficiency;

(3) To handle settlement via a RMB NRA account, an enterprise can help customers to avoid the risk regarding exchange rate efficiently and guarantee their corporate incomes.

3. Target Customers

(1) Overseas registered enterprises, including overseas registered Chinese investment enterprises;

(2) Overseas registered banks, including its overseas branches;

(3) Overseas registered non-banking financial institutions, including its overseas branches;

(4) Social groups and international organizations.

4. Business Procedures

Submit application documents for account opening → go through the formalities for company investigation (to check the legal and valid existence of the enterprise) → the Bank examines the account-opening documents and goes through relevant formalities → approval of local PBC branch (if necessary) → open account.

Please call our customer service hotline 95561 or contact local branches to conduct this business, and you will be reached by our staff.