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Exchange rate hedging products

---Introduction to "xingyinghui", a series of risk hedging products.

1.Product introduction

The Industrial Bank's exchange rate hedging products "xingyinghui" refers to the series of relating sub-products that business purchases from our bank, which allows the business to conduct FX settlements and transfer according to the terms of the agreement in a specific future date.

"Xingyinghui" is our well-designed exchange rate hedging products line, which features FX option products, now includes quanhuiying, shuanghuiying, shuangbiying, qujianying, gouhuiying.

2.Targeted clients

Businesses that have future FX settlements or transfer need and are exposed to exchange rate risks.

3.Product features

(1) Risk hedging: based on the real business needs of our clients, the purpose of the product is hedging the exposure and lowering the exchange rate risk.

(2) Adopting the situations: with the exchange rate hovering become the "new normal", export businesses or businesses with US dollar liabilities will face greater exchange rate risk, and in need for products to hedge the exchange rate risks.

(3)Flexible choice: the client can choose the product based on their ideal price, future needs for FX settlement and transfer.

4.Featured products introduction

Product name Targeted customers Product advantages
Future FX settlement or selling product For clients with future FX settlement or selling need Locking the Future FX settlement price
Quanhuiying For exporter clients who want to improve their future or current FX settlement price or their current future agreement The client will have a better current settlement price to generate profits and an opportunity to get a better future settlement price
Shuanghuiying For exporter clients with future FX settlement or selling need and a flexible position who want to improve their future FX settlement price This product is suitable for clients of future FX settlement and selling and enables clients to close a future FX settlement or selling transaction at a favorable price
Gouhuiying For clients with future FX purchasing needs Improving their FX settlement price
Shuangbiying For client with need for multi-currency Future settlement or selling and buying improving the multi-currency Future settlement price

5. Business process

(1) the client signs main agreement with our local branches.

(2) The client conducts each operation with our bank.

If you are interested in this business, please call our service hotline: 95561, or contact our local branch, we will arrange a meeting with you.