Corporate Banking

Comprehensive Credit

1. Product Definition

The comprehensive credit business means that the Bank determines a line of credit granted to a qualified corporate customer meeting the requirements for external comprehensive credit for a certain period, after an overall appraisal of the customer's all-around conditions and guarantees based on the customer’s written application, and the Bank will enter into a credit contract with the customer. 

The credit can be divided into basic credit and special credit. 

The basic credit refers to the line of credit determined according to the basic information of the customer, which is used for the normal circulation of the customer’s working capital. The basic line of credit can be circulated within the validity of credit. 

The special credit refers to the credit granted to a special project and the amount exceeding the basic line of credit according to national policies, changes in market situation and temporary business needs of the customer. The special line of credit is for one-off use and cannot be used in a circulated manner. 

2. Product Features

With a broad range, the credit of the Bank covers the following businesses: loan in home and foreign currency, trade financing, discount, acceptance, guarantee and letter of credit, etc. 

The Bank implements unified credit extension to associated enterprises. 

3. Application Procedures

All customers of large scale, great strength, high economic benefits, good credit standing and long-standing settlement relationship with the Bank can apply to the Bank for the comprehensive credit service.