Corporate Banking

Syndicated Loan

*Product Definition

Syndicated loan is domestic or foreign currency loan or credit granting business provided by two or more banks to borrowers via correspondent banks based on the same loan conditions and same loan contracts with agreed time and percentage.

*Service Types

Subject to different structure, there are direct syndicated loan and indirect syndicated loan.

*Service Advantages

(1) The syndicated loan of the Bank could meet long-term large capital needs of enterprises;

(2) The Bank has rich experiences in operating syndicated loan, featuring simple procedure and efficient service;

(3) The Bank is able to tailor specific plan according to enterprises’ actual funds requirements, hence increasing the efficiency of capital operation;  

(4) The Bank provides quality capital settlement service while operating loan business;

(5) The syndicated loan of the Bank would help enterprises build a good image. The successful formation of syndicate is based on the assessment of the enterprises’ qualification, operation and financial conditions by participating banks, and enterprises may improve reputation by the successful application for the Bank’s syndicated loan.

*Applicable Scope

(1) Large group customers;

(2) Financing for large project;

(3) Financing for large amount of working capital.