Corporate Banking

Bill Custody Service

Product Definition:

Targeting at group company’s demand of centralized bill management to its HQ and member companies, the Bank, based on providing member enterprises with agency custody of physical bills, converts various paper data or document information into electronic information via Cloud service through our Group Bill Pool Management platform, and processes enquiry, consignment collection, discount, pledge, issuing bills and other requests about pooled bills submitted by enterprises.

Product Functions

Our bill custody system covers several mature version including large enterprise groups, medium-sized groups and SMEs, and the Bank can tailor bill management platform according to the business requirements and management demands of the customers. The system include over 40 major functions: self store of bills, custody in pools, remind on expiration/ collection, bills pledged issuance, internal loan bill, bill discounting, procedure approval of bill business, enquiry and statistic of bill status.

Service Advantages:

1. Visit collection of bills: The Bank can visit the enterprises to collect bills, so the enterprise can put its bills into pool without coming to the Bank;

2. Professional safeguard: after the collection of bills, the local branch will store it with the management level equivalent to cash;

3. Electronization of information: The branch bill center will make image processing to bills and convert them into electronic information very quickly. The storage of electronic data also reaches the hardware level of key banking system, with 7 x 24 hours non-stop operation and impeccable disaster backup plan.

4. Cloud service: The group bills custody system provides a Cloud service platform for various bill custody users, including user’s management HQ, member and business handling branches. All the operators and managers of the group bills custody business can share information via multiple access point on one operation platform;

5. Easy to control: Based on multi-layer organization and management structure of groups, the Bank can provide the management HQ with statistics on pooled bills of every member organizations on a real time basis, and set approval route according to management procedure, thus greatly improving the efficiency of bills handling and the control of the group;

6. Pool financing: The Bank has made several business and system innovation according to the demands from group bill custody users, and developed special management rules on “group bill pool financing”;

Applicable Scope:

Various group customers that have large amount of bills in settlement and need to supervise and manage bills held by branches and subsidiaries.

Through transparent, centralized and effective management on physical, information and business handling of bills, the group bill custody service of IB helps to increase enterprises’ bill management, improve their cash flow, return on assets, reduce bill risk, therefore covering the whole range of group cash management from capital pool to bill pool.