【about Account Management】

Question: What account types do the personal internet banking support?

Answer: The account types supported by the personal internet banking include: (1) non-credit card account of IB that can be withdrawn upon password; and (2) IB credit card for which the enquiry password has been set.

Question: If I have many bank accounts, need I apply for multiple internet banking logon names?

Answer: No, you needn't. You may log on to the personal internet banking–>“Service Management” –>“Management of IB Accounts” to add your personal or family accounts under your registered logon name to facilitate the management of your multiple bank accounts.

Question: Can I handle account loss report through personal internet banking?

Answer: You may handle the temporary loss report for non-credit card account by going through the procedures: the logon area of IB's homepage–>Personal Internet Banking–>Emergent Loss Report, or logging on to the personal internet banking and going through “Service Management”–>“ Emergent Loss Report”. During the period of loss report, the funds in the account cannot be used, and the loss report will become ineffective five days later. If you need to handle the formal loss report for your account, please go to any outlet of the branch where you have opened your account to handle the business with your own original identity certificate. As for the loss report for a credit card, please visit the credit card website.